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Letter from Clarence Williams to Gretchen Williams, December 22, 1944

  My Darling Wife:

Surprise — I am sure you didn’t expect a letter from me here at Gruber but we have everything ready to go and found out the train is 6 to 7 hrs late. We are all laying on the brk's floor relaxing (Not me of course) I am sitting on the floor and writing on my knee.

This afternoon, just to kill time we all went to the show. Saw Belle of the Yukon (or something similar). Not too good but was in technicolor so of course was very pretty.

Some of the boys feel pretty bad this morning after all the beer last night. Said they drank 15 cases of beer which I don’t doubt after looking at some of the sad sacks today.

We are all in hopes of being able to go to the Px after a little while to pick up some cookies and candy for the trip. All the   boys seem in very good mood and seem to want to get started now they are all ready.

We ate our noon meal today at the 90th Infantry. Quite a walk down there and by the time we got back we were hungry again.

Well honey, I don’t really have any more news. Told you almost every thing over the phone last nite. Keep your fingers crossed and your chin up. I’ll always be thinking of you.

All my love, Clarence

(Ran out of ink)

  Pfc. C. O. Williams 37738878 Co A - 122d Medical Bn A.P.O. 411, Camp Gruber, Oklahoma. Camp Gruber Okla. Dec 23 1944 9 AM Free Mrs. C. O. Williams 529 - No 6th St. Muskogee, Oklahoma.