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Postcard from Clarence Williams to Gretchen Williams, December 31, 1944



  Pfc. C.O. Williams 37738878 Co. A — 122d Med Bn APO — 411 — c/o Postmaster New York, N.Y. Darling Wife —

Really seeing N.Y. from the high points. The lights are certainly beautiful from the 102d floor. Still keeping my fingers crossed that some day soon we can see the city together. The 102d floor is where i marked on the card.

Worlds of Love, Clarence. Empire State Building New York City. World's tallest structure, 1250 feet to the top of the mooring mast. Sight-seeing Terrace at the 86th floor 1048 feet. Mooring mast extends 200 feet higher with the second Observatory at the 102nd floor. Best vantage point, to see New York. This post card purchased atop Empire State Building, N. Y. C.
Post Card Photograph Free New York N.Y.
Dec 31
Mrs. C. O. Williams 529 No 6th St. Muskogee, Okla.