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Letter from Gretchen Williams to Clarence Williams, May 4, 1944


Thurs — May 4.

Dear Clarence:

Read your letter — and was I happy — and am relieved that you got back without any M.O trouble. Guess I was silly to worry but it would have been a sad climax to such a glorious weekend.

Am glad you are excused from marching again and hope that — together with the liniment — will put you in tip top shape again.

The size of your check amaze me. Hope there was no error for which you will pay later. I won't send any money this week but will start sticking a dollar in next week now and then so you won't to get too low. I want you to be sure and have enough ahead to come home when you can. Got a check from J + R today for 34.42 which I will deposit and then pay rent. Am enclosing the detail. It being your last one for sometime thought you may want to look it over.

Hope you and Dick can soon enjoy a steak together. Think I'm going to take my ironing over there tomorrow   night and iron while Idris washes. I should wash too but will do it Sun. A.M. as I want to get up early in case you phone. Then I will be awake.

Am a regular old gal-about- this week. Stopped at the store tonight and got some liver for my dinner. Had the potatoes cooking when Luana called wanting me to go to the Lone Oak with them and Partingtons. (They don't have steaks.) Decided to save my potatoes and fry tomorrow night and have liver then (will come home and then go to Idris's so I can sprinkle what I washed last night to take with me). They wanted to hear all about you and said it would be such a good opportunity. So I'm going. They are going to pick me up in a half hour.

It is blowing and really snowing right now. So really cold.

Stopped for gas tonight and talked with Marsh. He still wishes you were here — as do   I. He seems to think he may not have to go. Anyway, I'm not going to think about it.

No dear — I don't feel sore — and as to the twins — am inlcined to think they won't happen either — not that I wouldn't like it if times were different.

We moved downstairs today. Are not in our permanent places but it is much nicer than was. I still have my same desk as the typing desks have not arrived.

Maybe I better get ready for when they arrive as they just might be on time for once.

Will miss you terribly but guess that's life.

Bye for now dear

Love Gretchen.

PS - I mailed you the key today and hope it went through okay.—