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Letter from Gretchen Williams to Clarence Williams, May 6, 1944

  Dear Clarence:

Good old Sat. night. But it don't mean much to us any more does it Honey? I wish I were headed to Kansas this week or else you headed here. Didn't get any mail again today but suppose you have been busy and haven't had the time to write. I hope it is no more than that.

Mrs. Crosbie met me as I came home tonight with 2 pieces of cake — which was very good. I ate them as soon as I got inside and now I'm not hungry.

The phone just rang and it was Amos Wright. They are in town visiting and he was so unhappy to miss you. Says if you go through Denver and can, to look him up. They are listed in the phone book. Then Beulah wanted to talk so I have been listening to her for about 30 min.

Millers, Burresses and Partingtons are eating at the Greenwich and then playing poker at Partingtons. I am going down and join them but will not   go until 7:45. Was supposed to be there at 7:30 but suppose they will be late.

Today has been nice all day but now it is getting cloudy so suppose it will be raining by morning. Am going to wash and Mrs. Crosbie said I could hang my clothes outside even if it is Sunday but if it rains, will put them in the basement. Would like to do my ironing too. I say it was nice today — I mean the sun has shown all day — but it has been plenty cold — only 26 this A.M.

Idris and Dick have a nice apartment, small but nice. She thinks it is so dirty but I don't from what I have seen of apartments. We got up together and she fixed breakfast while I dressed as she doesn't have to be at work until 9:00. I just talked to her and Dick is there now. She is feeling pretty badly as he says this may be his last   trip home. Guess they think it is the real McCoy this time and that he may be shipping soon. I called to see if he had seen you (which he hadn't) as thought he may have some news for me. Perhaps you will be calling in the A.M. (I hope) so I will get up early and be waiting. Then you can tell me all there is to tell yourself.

Bye for now Honey

All my love Gretchen.