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Letter from Gretchen Williams to Clarence Williams, May 6, 1944

  Dear Clarence:

Am really too tired to write but wanted to say "hello" and "I love you." Am at Idris's. Is now 11:00 and we just finished our work. Went out home after work and sprinkled my clothes and fixed dinner. She came out there after 6:00 and we ate and then came here. She washed and I ironed.

Had a fairly nice time last night. Dorothy went along too. Was home and in bed at 12:15.

Shais[?] phoned tonight. Howard & Wes both read notices today to report the 26th. So guess the delay wasn't for long.

Played gin rummy with Delores Cotter this noon and won 12¢. Will probably lose it next time we play.

Well Honey — think I'll wash my face and get ready to crawl in.

Oh yes — Dick wired he is coming home tomorrow. We sure wish you were too but maybe it won't be long.

Nightie Night Honey,

Love Gretchen.