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Letter from Gretchen Williams to Clarence Williams, May 24, 1944

  Dearest Clarence:

Here I go again.

We went to the Lone Oak last night without reservations thinking it wouldn't be necessary for only two of us but were certainly fooled. Waited until going on nine for a place and at 10 to 10 was still waiting on food. Finished eating after 11:00 so our evening turned out to be later than anticipated. I was in bed by 12:00 but could not sleep with having just eaten so really feel all in today. However, we did have steak which was very good and Luana insisted on footing the bill which I finally let her do.

Charlotte leaves tomorrow night so I'll bet she is one excited girl by now. Hope nothing happens to upset her plans or Otto's. However, guess it is pretty much settled for sure.

Have to have my hair washed tonight but would much rather go home and wash clothes, which, of course, I'll still do afterwards.

Think I'll go up and have a cigarette while I can and will try and add more on later. Will finish at home anyway.

Bye for now.

Arrived home tonight to find a letter from you. Hope your all night bivouac was cancelled as rumored.

Honey if you find out you do have a weekend pass coming, why don't you   use it to come home and then I'll come down some other time. Would certainly be a shame to let it go to waste and I can always come down later. This is just a suggestion and I will do whatever you arrange.

Heard today that we will get time and a half for working Memorial Day. If true, will help compensate for having to work holidays.

By the way, if you do want to call me at work at anytime, our No. is 2-7321. And be sure to make it person to person to me in Dept. 1812. Then there should be no crossups

Still have to get ready for bed and fix my nails and as it is now 10:30 better close.

Will be looking forward to seeing you soon.

All my love Gretchen.