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Letter from Gretchen Williams to Clarence Williams, June 5, 1944

  Dear Clarence:

Here I am again Honey. Arrived home safely. The charge on storing the car was 1.00 and know a cab would have been all of that so it was a good deal. Took 2 ladies to the Depot to catch the Zephyr. The bus was terribly cold. The air conditioning was going and everyone was cold. Think the heat would have been more appreciate as it was, and still is, cold here. I, not having a wrap, was very uncomfortable and one girl came & sat with me from Beatrice in so I could share her coat.

Sure did hate to leave you Honey but guess I should be used to that by now. Am already planning on our next time together and hope it is soon.

Louise and I ate together again tonight. I went to Simons and got my dress before coming home & then after eating, I dropped her off at her place which is over on 27th.

Have been pretty tired today but, as you say, it was worth it. I hope I thanked Earl & Ruth properly as the rain forced me to take a hurried departure from them. You can tell him again how much I appreciated what they did, etc.


My curiosity got the best of me today at work so I phoned to see if Luana was home. Her mother answered the phone as Luana was out hanging clothes. They all arrived Sat. she said and Luana had been trying since to call me. Phone tonight and they were just eating so told Stanley to have Luana call when she could. He says his dad came home yesterday so they must have a house full over there.

Joyce & Joan rode with me this A.M. & signed my application. Think I'll take it over & have Connie also sign & turn it in to see what happens.

My allotment check arrived today and tomorrow is pay day so will go ahead and write the checks for insurance and rent.

If plans go through am going out to Dolores Cotter's some night this week and take a roll of films of her in different outfits so she can send them to Bill. Then we will have dinner together. She has been wanting to do it for sometime as he has been asking for some snapshots of her.

Guess they had quite a hard   rain here too yesterday from all reports. From the change in the weather, I think it must have snowed.

Hope you didn't have to wait too long for your bus and had an opportunity to catch up on your rest. That is one advantage of my coming down, you don't have such a hard day Monday.

Well Dear, am going to unpack my bag, iron a slip and get ready for bed early. Know Luana will call but doubt if she can talk long with their company.

Bye for now Honey,

All my love Gretchen.

PS - The man just came for his yard money so I can feel he isn't worrying about me now. Knew he had been here before but he doesn't seem to mind

Still all my love—