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Letter from Gretchen Williams to Clarence Williams, June 6, 1944

  Dear Clarence:

Was so happy to get your letter. I guess I was an old meanie to ask you to write me when it was a chance for you to get to bed early for a change but am glad you did. Next time we are together I promise not to be in such a nasty mood and am sorry I was Sunday. However, I am still serious about joining you when you get an assignment if it can be arranged. I'll not take that part of my mood back.

I hope Gus can make it up sometime. I think I'm going to move back in our room again when I next change the bed as it is much nicer for when we have company because all our things are there.

I hope you heard the big news today about the invasion starting. Surely that is one piece of news you would receive. My alarm went off at 5 to 6:00 so I was awake when the whistles started blowing. Immediately called Idris as was afriad she would not hear it in the apartment. Then I dashed for the radio. Hated going to work and leaving the radio. In spite of the feeling of elation, I was unable to forget the poor guys taking part and all their families. I stood by the radio and cried like a baby and   I still can't figure myself out. However, it sounds good so maybe our losses won't be so bad and let's pray it will not last too long. With the help of God, maybe we will soon see the end of it all.

The War Bond Drive is hitting our place now. Our Dept. of 30 people has a quota of $500 or 50.00 per person to meet[?]— cash. I am going to sign up for one 18.75 bond and if anything is said, will tell them to take their job and stick it — and you know where. Think I am doing enough as is.

Luana phoned last night and they are really having a time. She says they want to make Lone Oak and a picnic while the folks are here and want to find someone to take care of the children while they go to the Lone Oak. I think they will still all be here this weekend so hope you can make it in. Victor has not arrived and it looks now like he won't for awhile

Lee Partington has his notice and leaves the latter part of his month.


I haven't had dinner yet and it is now 7:00. Ate a candy bar at 4:30 so wasn't hungry when I got off. Marjorie and I had a cup of coffee and I came on home. Think I'll fix me a sandwich after while and do a little work on my clothes.

Tomorrow night I get my permanent. Hope it is a good one. However know it will be better than it is now.

Idris was telling me today she hasn't heard from Dick. Her last letter was written a week ago today and she wonders if it means he's been shipped. Tried to call her to see if she heard today but she isn't home.

Want to be sure and listen to Gabriel Heater tonight. Imagine he will have a good broadcast.

Well dear, will close for today.

Worlds & Worlds of Love Gretchen.