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Letter from Gretchen Williams to Clarence Williams, June 7, 1944

  Dear Clarence:

Now have my permanent and as usual, feel like a skinned cat. It is shorter than I intended but not any shorter than I have been getting.

Guess I just got home in time as it is now pouring down, thundering and lighting. Has rained most of the day and is very cold. I have the oven going and my coat around my shoulders. Sure do wish you were here to warm me up proper.

Will be thinking of you on Guard duty tomorrow night. Will you have to be to school Friday as usual with no sleep? As you say, you probably won't have anything over the weekend — I hope. Will be keeping my fingers crossed.

Idris heard from Dick last night. His only reason for not writing was that he has been so busy. So she was feeling better.

Worked on the skirt of the dress I wore on the bus and have it already to sew the hem in. Had thought I'd get it finished tonight but it is now going on ten and I just got home. So think I'll finish this and get ready for bed as I'm pretty weary.

Turned in my application for B book today and am wondering   how I'll come out. He feels certain I will get it so hope he knows what its all about.

Bought an extra 25.00 bond today and nothing was said as to it not being enough. Really couldn't afford that but at least it's a saving.

The Invasion seems to be going pretty good from as much as I get to hear of it. Am wondering if you boys have any opportunity to keep up on it.

Well Dear, think I'll get my socks washed, etc., and dig out another blanket and turn in. I put another blanket on last night but think I'll need two extra tonight — especially without you to keep me warm.

Goodnight Honey,

All my love, Gretchen.