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Letter from Gretchen Williams to Clarence Williams, June 14, 1944

  Dearest Clarence:

Received your most welcome letter tonight when I got home. Honey I'm sorry to have burdened you with my troubles and promise to be a good girl from now on.

Today was my lucky day, I hope. While having my hair fixed tonight I was talking over the situation with her and she mentioned a customer of hers who has been attempting to get her and Mr. Statler to live with them. Well, as the story goes, I decided to investigate. Went out and called on her and here's the situation.

Her husband is a railroad man — an Engineer of 40 yrs service so you can tell they are up in yrs. She is alone 3 nights a week and finds it too lonesome. She is a good sport, enjoys her cigarettes and a drink. I can live there, have a comfortable room and use the whole house as my own for only 15.00 or 20.00 a month. Also, when she is feeling up to cooking, I can occasionally eat there and we will decide on how to arrange that later. Also said she would have no objection to your staying there when you are in town but if a Hotel room can be had would prefer that as my other expenses would be low enough to warrant   it. I hope it sounds okay to you as I am going to take it and will probably start moving over the first week of July as my rent is paid until the 7th. Ok — her name is Mrs. Van Waning and the address is 2915 M St. Is not an elaborate home but is very nice and comfortable.

I phoned Ford today and they can still take my furniture. Also, he suggested that I make an appointment with one of them to come out and look over my things as perhaps it would not be wise to store some of it. I thought that a very good suggestion and appreciate it.

If my taking this kind of a step will hurry things up "over there" than I'm willing to do it and now. And then if it don't end soon, I will have everything ready to join you if later on it can be done.

Rubie got her car the next A.M. and they left around 10:00 o'clock so that was excellent service.

Today, according to your letter, is Gus' birthday. Do hope you are able to celebrate and that the half pint came in handy. Also today you were firing the machine guns. Hope   there were no casualties.

When I finally got home tonight the house was so warm I jumped into my shorts and went over and chatted with Mrs. A on their porch until 10:15 so you can imagine how late it is getting now. Bob is staying home this week and painting the house so she is taking off a couple of nights to get some things taken care of.

I understand my application for gas came up today so I should hear on it in a day or two. Hope it goes through as I will need it if I am going to be carrying my things over to M. Thought I might start taking things over around the first even if I don't stay there until later so as there won't be so much at the last. Will be glad when the move is made and over. Hardly know where to start.

Sure do hope you can make it in Dear on Sat. so I can make up to you for burdening my troubles on you last Sunday.

Goodnight Dear,
I love you,