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Letter from Viola to Gretchen Williams, May 4, 1944

I wrote her that I will be making no trips to C.B. while you are at Riley so all my weekends are reserved for you — that I had hopes of our being together at least every other weekend. — is that okay? Gretchen
Dear Gretchen,

Well at last a sunny day! I hope it stays this way now for at least a little while. These gloomy ones really get me down.

Why don't you come to Co. B. a week from Saturday and stay with me over Sunday? I don't what we'd do for excitement but we could have fun visiting and then you could see your folks and all too. I've still got the car and a little gas to go in it.

Founder's Day is over for another year — the way I was talking at the meeting just before you'd have thought that the world was coming to an end that day. No plans no nothin' after the 29th of April. But there were so many things to see to and of course I had to practice the Pledge Ritual as I had to read it and then be toastmistress at the banquet. But I guess everything went off fairly well. We were disappointed in not having any music with the meal — Louise Seidl had promised to play her harp and at four o'clock in the afternoon called and said she would be unable to play. Of course it was too late then to do anything else so we got along without.

Pete writes that at last he has a decent place to sleep and good food to eat. He has been moving every few days and they have been living in tents without lights, heat, ,plumbing or anything but he is some kind of barracks now. He says the country is very beautiful and would like to take me there to visit in peacetime. Outside of that he doesn't write much — probably very little he can say. He did mention several towns he had visited but the censor carefully cut that part out.

How's Clarence doing by now. We know he won't like it   but I just hope it won't be too bad.

I talked to Gertrude Beck the other evening and she says Sonny is in New Orleans. At the Naval Base there across the river from the city proper. If I were she I would go on down there and be near him. She isn't working here as yet and if she is going to look for work might as well be there.

Charlotte is getting ready for her trip to see Otto. They have been making garden and one thing and another before Charlotte leaves. Dorothy in particular was moaning and groaning the other day about her stiff muscles. Phooey on all that work. I'm too lazy. I'd rather read a book.

I hope your job is working out OK and you like it (without having to work too hard.)

Love Viola.