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Letter from Otto to Clarence Williams, April 20, 1944

  Dear Willie:

Hi Soldier, how you doin? Received your card yesterday so will answer pronto as have a little time now. Sure seems good to hear from you, and am glad you landed in Fort Riley. That's only about 100 miles from home isn't it. Hell after you get set a little bit get a week and pass and take off for home, I would. That's a good deal. I don't know much about Cavalry but it sounds like it should be a good deal, especially with you being in the Clerks. You will like this clerical work after you get into it. It will seem hard as the devil at first as they have such detailed ways of doing things, but don't mind that as you know we are in the Army now. Like the old saying goes and I suppose you have the wrong way and the Army way. Do it the Army way and you'll always be OK.

I suppose by this time you are well in your second week of basic. This will seem hard as hell for a couple of weeks but after that I don't know whether they wear a guy down or you just get used to it but it won't seem near as tough. There will be a lot of things you will wonder what in the hell they are doing that for and it will seem so darn silly, but do it and forget about it, there must be a reason for it, but some of that stuff I have never found out the reason yet, but they're the boss so we should worry.

Have been hearing regular from Chuck and she says that Gretchen likes her work just fine and that she is getting along just swell. Don't worry about that kid, she will get along. It will be a little rough for a while but it will work out, don't worry about it, just stay right in there and pitch. After you get out of the basic and into technical it will still be a little rough but you will get into work that is more interesting and time will pass so much faster.

We have been working like the blazes down here lately. Next week I go on special duty up at IRTC Headquarters for a week. I will go to work at 8 AM Sunday morning and then the rest of the week I go to work at 6 at night and will be off in the day time. A lot of shipments are going out and we have to get them paid off and get their service records all checked and lined out before they take off so it really is a lot of work but don't mind as there's not much to do anyway.

How are the towns around there, can you get a drink once in a while or are they pretty much dry. We can get plenty of beer down here but the Whiskey is scarce as hens teeth, but beer is good enough anyway. We usually get a few guys and go in on Saturday night whether we do much or not, it gets you out of camp and breaks the monotiny.

Well Willie am about out of news for this time and write me when you get time but know just how busy you are going to be for a while so just write whenever you get a chance and I will do the same.

Best of luck, Otto