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Letter from Ada Britten to Clarence Williams, May 15, 1944

  Dear Mr. Williams,

We have been planning on answering your letter every since we received it but as you see we haven't got around to it yet. Not that we don't think of you because every day something comes up that we wonder about and then we think of what Mr. Williams did to remedy the situation.

Today was a very hot day. It wasn't so bad in the store because we had all 4 fans going.

Mr. Hanks came down with Mr. Kocarnik from Omaha this morning. He was here a few weeks ago but he had to come back because they just can't come to any agreement with Rees Wilkinson's Sister about her furniture. One day she decides she will sell it and the next she changes her mind. From the sound of it now they have become so disgusted that they are going out and buy their own furniture.


We had a nice big shipment today of about 46 pieces. There were about 10 recap- 600 x 16 tires in the bunch. We also got a bunch of toys including 2 small and one large doll buggy, and quite a few boxes of doll furniture.

You remember those 2 big sacks of fertilizer we loved[?] so much. Well we've still got them. We finally coaxed enough so that Mr. Kocarnick took them out of the window. He had orders to put them in the window but it spoiled all our dish displays.

Jack and Helen are getting along fine. They are both nice kids.

We tried your idea of stocking all of those $1.00 Gabardine hats in the window. We did that the first of last week and they are over half gone now.

According to the daily report we haven't gained anymore than we had when you left. We are still about $4000.00 behind last years.

Tire selling is very slow now. The 3rd grades they are sending out aren't   2. worth very much. We still have about 8 pre war 600 x 16 tires. One day we got in 4 3rd grade 17 in. They didn't last very long though.

Garden hose is selling very good but it seems as though nobody wants that small utility hose on the cardboard reels. I don't believe we've sold a one of those.

Mary is taking her final exams this week and I don't believe she will be at work at all till Thursday.

They decided to hire a new man at the store a couple of weeks ago. He came one Monday and worked till noon and when he came back from dinner he said he had received his draft notice. He wasn't expecting it because he had been rejected once because of one ear. He was to come back and work if he didn't pass but he called up the other and said he had passed with flying colors and is in the navy now. He was a very nice fellow.

I was up to see Dr. Miller for some eye treatments I am taking and he was telling   how nice and brown you were and how nice you looked.

My older brother was home on furlough at Easter time. He was married in Omaha before he went back. He's in New Hampshire now and he says he will be there for quite some time.

Mac is fine. The last week or two he's been quite busy.

Marsh Gibson was in after his pennies as usual this morning.

I haven't seen that old gentleman you used to love to argue with so much. I don't believe he's been in since you left.

Our apartment seems to be nice and cool so far.

We haven't seen Mrs. Williams for quite some time and we miss her as much as we do you.

Sincerely yours, Ada  

Here it is Tuesday and I haven't mailed this letter.

It was very hot today also.

Mr. Hanks went to Omaha tonight and I believe he is going back to Chicago from there.

We got one of those large loose rolls of electric wiring, and so that it wouldn't get tangled we put in a box. Somehow it got all tangled anyway and it took us about a half hour to get it untangled today.

I got my Insurance Policy from the Company today. I told Mr. Kocarnik that I am going to break my leg or something so I can use it. He didn't think I should though.

We had around 150 customers today.

Well I will stop now and mail this in the morning. I have your address now.