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Letter from Max Hannah to Clarence Williams, June 13, 1944

  Dear Clarence: -

As you notice, my address is still in the States. The way things look now, it will remain so for some time. Since I wrote to you last, a lot of changes have been made. I don't remember just what I said when I wrote you from Estrella, but I know that at that time we expected to hit the boat. We returned to Muroe[?] from Estrella and then on May 17 we returned to Camp Haan. Soon after arriving in Camp Haan, we were told that our outfit would be broken up and the men transferred to "other arms." Well, they have. Some have gone to Engineers, some to Infantry, Quartermaster, Signal Corps and others to other Anti aircraft outfits. However, a cadre was made up to form a new 824th battalion. I was lucky enough to draw the cadre. The rumors have been flying fast since we formed the cadre. Several other cadres have been de-activated and sent out, completely breaking up their respective outfits. Tonight, we found out that   we definitely will remain intact (per present plans, of course) and will receive "fillers" and will enter a new training period. So it looks, at least tonight, like I might be around for another six months. Of course, that can be changed by the stroke of a pen as you probably realize by this time.

I get in town nearly every night on an all-night pass. Of course, duty comes around faster with a skeleton battery. We have about 30 men in the battery now. My furlough will start either next Thursday or July 13, depending on which date I choose. As Ruth cannot leave her job unless she quits outright, I doubt I will get home on this furlough.

I know what your answer would be if I asked you how you like the Army, so I will ask how you are getting along. Have you been placed in a definite job and if so, what are you doing? You mentioned that you were classified as clerk. How is Bremholm? Give him my regards.

The tide of war looks good right now and I hope we will soon be meeting at home as civilians again. So with that pleasant thought in mind, I will close for now.

Best regards Max.