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Letter from Clarence Williams to Gretchen Williams, December 27, 1944

  United States Army Dearest Gretchen —

I haven’t received your letter as yet but suppose I will hear in the next day or two. It is still cold and damp here and the air is really penetrating. I would sure like to have some of that good Okla fall weather now.

I understand we are to get at least one pass and if so I am planning on going to New York. It would really seem good to walk up to some nice bar and guzzle a few. Hope we have enough time to see a few of the sights. Would like to go in with some one who lives there and knows their way around.

I am going to send you that letter from Kemp as I am sure you would like to read some. Meant to give it to you sooner but forgot.

Received another Xmas box from the Red Cross. It contained a box of salted nuts and a tube of dental cream. Needless to say the nuts tasted very good.

The chow here is very good considering the number of men fed in the mess halls. We have plenty of every thing and there is more for the asking.

Well dear I must quit and go to class — Give my regards to all the folks.

Bye for now
All my Love
  Pfc C. O. Williams 37738878 Co A - 122d Medical Bn A.P.O. 411 c/o Postmaster New York, N Y. Free Mrs. C. O. Williams 529 North 6th Street, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Passed by US Army Examiner 50819 Lt H H[?] Zander