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Letter from Clarence Williams to Gretchen Williams, December 31, 1944

  My Darling Wife —

I received two letters from you today which of course made me very happy as I didn't get one yesterday or day before.

Well here it is New Year's Eve and I'm sitting on my bunk writing you. I don't know of a better thing to be doing unless it would be talking with you which is impossible tonite.

Regarding your Air Mail letters coming thru with 6c postage, they have all arrived so far so why pay more.

I was so happy that you had such a nice Xmas and glad to hear Frank and I were present by picture. Ha! I'm surely hoping next year we can make it a reality. Think it was swell of everyone to give you the gifts. Too bad Fran and Mary were unable to spend the day there also but imagine they had an enjoyable day.

I decided Bertha didn't come to New York as I certainly watched for her around Times Square. Seriously tho, wouldn't it have been a coincidence if I would have run into them. Im hoping I get in again tomorrow night and if so will try and call you. Perhaps you have been wondering why I haven't used Air mail. I had some stationery left over and also decided to save my stamps and paper for overseas use.

Honey you may think your letters are boresome but you have no idea what a lift they give me when I receive them.

Sounds as tho you have quite a   problem with your eating places now that Gingham Girl is closed. Their food really is hard to beat. It is practically impossible to find a steak in New York. Seems they have had quite some meat shortage for the past few weeks. Im hoping to get at least one more good steak before our journey.

This has been a very gloomy day in fact misting most of the time including tonite. I worked all day helping Sid so the time went very fast.

I wanted to send Leo a wire tonite and tell him to put our name on the cork this year and that we hoped to be there in person next New Year's.

Well darling, I don't know of any more news at present so will close. I do want to wish you all the health and happiness possible and you certainly deserve a large share in the coming New Year. Will also wish you a happy birthday in case this arrives on that day. I wanted to send you something from New York but the stores are always closed by the time we get there. Perhaps I can make it up to you later. Tell all the folks there hello and I wish them a Happy New Year.

Bye for now
All my Love
  Pfc C. O. Williams 37738878 Co A - 122d Medical Bn A.P.O 411 c/o Postmaster New York, New York.
VIA AIR MAIL Mrs. C. O. Williams 529 North 6th Street, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Passed by US Army Examiner 50819 Lt Harold H. Zander