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Letter from Gretchen Williams to Clarence Williams, June 12, 1944

  Dearest Clarence:

Do hope you did not have to go through any bad storms going back. There was some very distant thunder all evening here which sounded like someone was having a bad storm. Also, it turned quite cool like it may have been hail.

I drove out by where the car was stalled and it was not there. Being so close to Millers, continued on to see how they made out. It seems that the tow car had arrived even before I phoned them and Rubie was waiting to call Dick to find out if he would close. If not, she was going to take the 9:00 o'clock bus home. If he would, she would stay until this A.M. Do not know how it turned out. I didn't stay as I knew they were in enough difficulties. Went home, washed and ironed a couple of things, fixed my nails and went to bed around 10:30.

I phoned Mrs. Ranum last night and talked to her some more about the apartment. It seems that with EVERYTHING furnished they have been getting $40.00 a month for it but if I wanted to furnish it myself (which I would prefer anyway) she would come down to $35.00. I said I would not pay that much so she is going to talk to John to see how low they would go. Am going down tonight to look the situation over and Delores is going with me. I certainly don't think they are nice enough to warrant that much money but on the other hand, it would include gas, lights, water, garbage and the use of the pay phone so it might not be a bad deal after all.

In the meantime, I called the USO today with reference to getting a couple to stay with me out there and to share some of the work. Am going there this evening between 7:00 and 10:00 and see if they have any satisfactory solution as they seemed very anxious to talk to me saying they knew they could arrange something with interest to all concerned. Will see what they have in mind.

In other words, if I am going to do anything, think I will start acting now and not wait until winter to do it. Would rather wait until you know where you are going to be as it is so nice the way it is now for when you are home, but promise that whatever I do, it will not interfere with our weekends together--that is the only time of the week that appeals to me anyway and I am not going to have it spoiled. If necessary, will continue as am until we know but would like to cut down some on expenses and work in the meantime.

Called Mac today and am leaving the car there in the A.M. when I go to work and he said he would have it finished by tomorrow night. He better keep his word too. Also, got in touch with Herb Walt and he said he said he would mail me a proof of loss so as when I received my statement, I would have it ready to attach to the statement to mail to him and he would send me a check. So it looks like he is going to pay for the whole deal with no argument.

Looks like I have had a busy day, doesn't it? Wanted to write you   all this on the typewriter as it is so much easier to go into detail. Will add my personal notes tonight from home so bye for now.

Had the nicest evening. Is now only a little after nine but an approaching storm hurried me home — afraid of the top. Is now pouring down again and lighting and thundering like the dickens. In fact, is another cloud-burst. Am wondering if I will have to bail my way into the car in the A.M.

Delores and I looked the apartment over and then went to her house for dinner. Had a Tom Collins before eating. Her mother is lovely and she had a good roast pork dinner. A girl friend of Delores dropped in after dinner and I did hate to run but wanted to write you anyway and as I had declared tonight a night of no chores, having accomplished so much last evening, decided to also turn in early.

Am having trouble writing on the reverse of this typewriting and hope you can read this. However, just to be sure, will change to more paper.


Due to the rain and the nice company I was enjoying, I didn't go to the U.S.O. Then too, am seriously considering the apartment over the store. She has made me a price of 30.00 and I furnish it. Also, will redecorate and try to get some venetian blinds for it. The bathroom with it is the new one to be used only by the front 3 apartments — Mrs. Rannum being one, of course, — and it is spotless. Delores and I think it really has possibilities due to the hugeness of the room. Our idea is to fix it like a studio apartment. Think with my things it could be made very cozy and the convenience of the location is what appeals to me. If I do take it, will then decide what to do about the car. Mac may even let me put it in there until I do. I told her I would let her know definitely one way or another in a couple of days. It would not be ready right away and of course it would take me quite awhile to get moved with so little time. Would not want to interrupt one little   -4- bit of our possible weekends together to do it. When I do make up my mind will write the folks to see if I can get some help from there. I do hope if I do that you will not be unhappy because of it. Would really be cutting down my overhead and could use a good share of our furniture. Would take one bedroom set and a good share of the rest. Would use screens as dividing means, dressing room, etc.

Is it ever raining!

Received a letter from Charlotte today and she says she saw Leonard in Omaha last week. Had to go back today. Says he looks real swell in his uniform. You can read the letter when next you are home — which I hope is soon. Also, Honey, please encourage Gus to come real soon as if I make this move, want to do it by the time more rent is due — July 7th — so will soon be tearing up to get ready. Will a have a lot of sorting to do but it won't be bad, and she will have the apartment clean for me so there will be   no work at that end.

Just think Honey, if I do this, when you come home to stay, you can sleep until 10 minutes before time to be at work and then come upstairs and have breakfast with me after the drawers are checked. Why we might even like it well enough to stay for awhile — one never knows.

Well Dear, guess this has gone on long enough and hope it has not been too boring to you.

Am thinking very lovingly of our weekend just past and hope the next one is to be this coming weekend.

I love you, Gretchen.

Just one more worry! Couldn't imagine where I could hear running water. Went to the basement and on the west side of the fruit room there is a steady stream coming through the wall. Called Mr. Crosbie and he said he didn't think it would do any damage so to h— with it. Just so I don't float away during the night. I'm sure I'm getting out of here and soon.

Bye again Dear